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Inotoday assists manufacturers in entering the international market,

collaborating with manufactories to jointly develop overseas markets.

Outsourcing business service

Innotoday's Outsourcing business service can alleviate various concerns during the process of developing your business in Japan:
1.Lack of proactive Japanese-speaking sales representatives;   2.High costs associated with customer exploration; 
3.Low trust from Japanese customers.

How it works ?

RFQ subimit
Evaluate and Confirm the proposal

Sign PO and payment
Carry out business agency
Progress tracking and report
Electronic Components and Semiconductor Excess Inventory Solution

Flexible solutions Options

1. Collecting target customer information

As the first step in customer expansion, information retrieval is crucial. Compared to traditional Google and various social media customer searches, we provide a more professional, comprehensive, and prompt customer information gathering service

2. Developing marketing emails

2.1 Obtain a list of target customer information in a short time.
2.2 Provide multiple versions of business development emails to make customer expansion more efficient and accurate.

3. Substitute for salespersons in telemarketing

3.1 Our system identifies potential customers who clicked on marketing emails and conducts personalized telemarketing campaigns.
3.2 Our expert Japanese business team employs a professional and culturally sensitive approach to showcase your company's strengths, ensuring more efficient business negotiation opportunities.
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