Procedure of emergency procurement for shortage

  • Step1: Inquiry

    Provide us the baisc information of the shartage: Part No.,Required Quantity and due date, we will feedback within 24 hours.

  • Step2:Quotation

    After confirmation, we will quote the spot price based on the inventory in the China or global market. Basically, we will submit according to the terms of FOB or DDU. In order to avoid false inventory information, we will provide you stock photos or lot numbers for further comfirmation.

  • Step3:Order

    The next stage will be move on till receiving the offical purchase order. Please note that the stock on the market is running fast, there would be cause the price or available quantity changed at any time.

  • Step4:Payment

    In principle, An advance payment is required for the new customer without any trading coorpration relationship, we will arrange purchase and shippement after we receive the payment.

  • Step5:Inspection

    A strictly inspection will be conducted equiped with over 10 years inspection experience and professional technology , the fraud and counterfeit will be rejected after detection.

  • Step6:Delivery

    FedEx, DHL, UPS and other international express deliveries will be supported,The international freight cost will be included in the unit price under the trems of DDU; we can absorb the internal shipping cost in China or HK under the terms of FOB, the shipping account should be provided or international freight cost will be charged in case of FOB.