On site inspection and inspection agency (China only)

Might not be able to carry out inspection at outsourcing manufacturing site or the production site?

Inotoday can provide the on site inspection service with highly trained quality inspectors and experienced qulaity engineer in China.

Inspection agency can not only reduce the workload and solve the problem of language barrier, but also save the internal expenses such as overseas business trips.

Special inspection program

[counterfeit inspection]

1.In the market circulation, there are plenty of imitation activities such as removing original printed part No. on the lable and re-printed with a new one or re-printed on similar components which could be detected out by our professional inspectors

2. Changing the date code of the label to make a new one is another counterfeit way in the market circulation, .Our highly trained quality inspectors can be always stay up to the latest in fraud and counterfeit detection and prevention to resolve our customers’ worries


Genuine product

Counterfeit product