Need to Offload Inventory? 

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Inotoday has focused on finding buyers and sellers for many years. We have the experience and resources to ensure that our customers always have the supplies they need while also connected to thousands of suppliers and manufacturers worldwide who have demand for your excess so as to achieve the benefits of win-win.

This Process Is Easy! Here Is How It Works

Send Us Your Inventory List
Please provide as many details as possible, such as part No. Manufacturer, Qty, DC, Package, Target Price, etc.
Quotation (sales confirmed)
we will feedback within 48 hours

Ino's own forwarder (Low-cost)
Inspection and upload to database
Complete in 1 week
Acceptance and Remittance
Basically, remittances are finished within one week after acceptance; delays are negotiated individually in some case
Electronic Components and Semiconductor Excess Inventory Solution

Click Here To Send Us Your Inventory List!
Lot Buy
We purchase your Excess Inventory in bulk.
Non-Consigned Inventory Solution
Upload excess inventory lists into our internal database and market them all over the world to our potential buyers. 
Consignment Solution
Inotoday hold the stock on your behalf , inspect and market the stock on our sales network, partial sell your inventory directly from Ino’s stock.
Passive Components
Passive Components
Industrial Automation
Industrial Automation
Circuit Protection
Circuit Protection
Sensors & Others
Sensors & Others

Scope of Inventory Solutions

1. Semiconductors
2. Passive Components
3. Connectors
4. Electromechanical
5.Industrial Automation
6. Circuit Protection
7. Optoelectronics
8. Sensors & Others

Why Choose Inotoday?

Diverse sales channels
1.Over 5,000 distributors and spot traders.
2.Global sales channels.
3.Ino's own global mall website is 
scheduled to be launched in July 2023.
Enables competitive pricing
Huaqiang North is the world's largest market for circulating stock, a base was founded in the market enable to monitoring the market situation and achieve more competitive price.
Wide range of procurable products
We can purchase semiconductors, electronic components and all types of electrical equipment via our unique sales system.
Localisation for easy processing
The only thing you need to do is ship the excess inventory to the local warehouse designated by Inotoday
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